Normania 1996 – 2014

In 1996 the owner Imro Penders established the company Normania.

At 12 years old he started to work on custom made and prototyping parts to be used for scale model car races in the dutch championship, and a few years later at age of 15 he went to work for a design company to build prototypes for furniture and all kinds off products.

Went to prototyping school for 2 years than and when he finished that he started to work for Duvedec (dutch vehicle development centre) where he worked on the prototypes for the Mercedes slk, vito and trucks.

In 1996, after working for an other company, developing and prototyping cash machines, medical equipment, electric wheelchairs and carparts it was time to start his own business.

In the beginning the main business was to develop and prototype parts for other customers but then in 1998 the smartcar came on the market. As being a car enthusiast the idea was born to put up a smart car parts and tuning company, S-Mann was born than.

In the first place it was just some plastic parts like front spoilers and side skirts to work on. But then later exhausts, intercoolers and brakes got developed and manufactured to! Being the main supplier for smart-cup racing, testing the products, and driving at the top off the Fortwo cup series with 2 smartcars.

S-Mann is located in The Netherlands and offers a large variety of products to customize your Smart car. Our company consists of a small team of dedicated professionals specialized in the design and development of products for all Smart models. Besides brand-new Smart products we offer used parts and old stock as well.

And then suddenly it is 2014, having thousends of parts in stock all developed and (co) produced by Normania sold under the brand of S-Mann, having dealers all over the world, and being one off the larged smart car tuning manufactures in the world.

S-Mann has exclusive contracts with selected distributors in different continents, and by providing worldwide shipping our web shop enables you to purchase our products anywhere on the globe. For any questions or remarks regarding our products or services contact us directly by phone (+31 (0)40 295 46 64) or by filling out our contact form.


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