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Air Intake

Soon available Michalak air intakes!

Soon available the Michalak air intakes to fit the smart roadster some years ago we managed to get hold of the original Michalak moulds (parts 4 smarts) starting up the production now.

Smart 450 air intake

450 air intake MD back in production?

About 5 years ago i bought all the “parts 4 smarts” moulds and stock from the michalak company considering to put they’re 450 air intake back in production, please let me know your thoughts the colours i have in mind are mat black for painting, silver and carbon design (more…)

Intercooler xl foto 1

New intercoolers “large” and “XL” for the 4two (450) and the roadster (452)

Got the new intercoolers “large” and “XL” in from the manufacturer here in Holland They are sized to fit the 4two (450) and the roadster (452) They look really cool ! don’t they ? (more…)