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Exhaust S-FLOW centre twin T

€ 665,00 ex. Taxes
€ 804,65 inc. Taxes

Exhaust S-FLOW centre twin NT

€ 695,00 ex. Taxes
€ 840,95 inc. Taxes

Rear disc set 238mm

€ 675,00 ex. Taxes
€ 816,75 inc. Taxes

Airscoop N453-01-00/C

€ 82,00 ex. Taxes
€ 99,22 inc. Taxes

Airscoop N453-01-00/MB

€ 72,00 ex. Taxes
€ 87,12 inc. Taxes

Airscoop N453-01-00/S

€ 76,00 ex. Taxes
€ 91,96 inc. Taxes

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We develop and produce exhaust for the smartcup. Request car information If there is any information you would like to know, or any questions or queries, you can fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Air Intake

Soon available Michalak air intakes!

Soon available the Michalak air intakes to fit the smart roadster some years ago we managed to get hold of the original Michalak moulds (parts 4 smarts) starting up the production now.

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Exhaust S-FLOW centre twin T

The stainless steel exhaust system “S-FLOW” Centre twin has the best air flow of all 453 exhausts on the market. It adds by far the most power to your smart car , especially on the 0.9 turbo. Tested on the road on our democar for 3 years and the pre-development tested during the European smart…

€ 665,00 ex. Taxes
€ 804,65 inc. Taxes