Cat less pipe s-flow 2nd generation RS

€ 175,00 ex. Taxes
€ 211,75 inc. Taxes


Want to add more power and sound to your smart car? This listing is for a Stainless Steel cat-less replacement pipe.

The cat-less replacement pipe S-flow 2nd gen. ( s-flow systems from september 2023 ) system is designed by S-Mann and hand built in Netherlands. The system has maximum pipe diameter and replaces the catalic converter of the S-flow 2nd gen. Ith creates yust dat bit of extra flow. Depending on what engine and software you have in your smart car it will get you yust that few exta horces extrra and the engine will pick up and respond faster. The cat-less replacement pipe fits i.c.w the 2nd gen. S-flow system onely (450/452)

Please note, that it has no approval and check if you need to have it in the country you live in. The exhaust system will not !! pass the emission test! , and is developed for show and track use onely

S-mann is not liable for any personal injuries or material damages caused by or created through the improper use or installation of this product.


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