Rear difuser N453-11-00/B

€ 125,00 ex. Taxes
€ 151,25 inc. Taxes

The “rear defuser CT” upgrades the rear of your smart car and gives it the “RS” look.

The matt black part, made out of strong 3 mm abs plastic (unpainted !), made in the Netherlands and designed by S-mann.This article fits only for two type 453 with the S-mann “S-Flow/CT” exhausts witch is available at this web shop.



Be aware of illegal copies on the market being offered as s-mann products. The quality of these copies is very poor! They tell you it has a perfect fit, but it doesn’t fit at all! These Fiberglass copies have pinholes in and are expensive to paint proper. Buying, selling and trading of these parts is illegal and forbidden by law!

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