Exhaust S-FLOW centre twin T

€ 695,00 ex. Taxes
€ 840,95 inc. Taxes


The stainless steel exhaust system “S-FLOW” Centre twin has the best air flow of all 453 exhausts on the market. It adds by far the most power to your smart car, especially on the 0.9 turbo. Tested on the road on our demo car for 3 years and the pre-development tested during the European smart cup series is the s-flow system. It has a long, flexibel and large diameter downpipe to guide the exhaust gasses into the full flow absorbsion muffler. the muffler has 2 polished stainless steel end pipes with a 76mm (3 inch ) diameter. this exhaust system is developed to fit the 0.9L turbo engine but it fits the 1.0L non turbo as well. The sound is very “deep” but not loud when used on the 0.9L turbo, on the 1.0L the sound is a bit louder!  the set includes all hardware you need for installation. A small cut in the standard rear valence / lower bumper has to be made. Advised is to install i.c.w. Rear diffuser mat black  4two ; N453-11-00/MB, please note that it has no approval and check if you need to have in the country you live in . the exhaust system will pass every emission test!

S-mann is not liable for any personal injuries or material damages caused by or created through the improper use or installation of this product.



Be aware of illegal copy’s on the market being offered as s-mann products. The quality of these copy’s is very poor and they will damage your cars safety! Buying, selling and trading of these parts is illegal and forbidden by law!