Front spoiler N452-08-00/B

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The best way to Get downforce on the front of your roadster. Yes….I know what you are did I. Designed and manufactured by ourselves basically for the looks, after testing it on the road we felt a difference in handling at high speeds. On Fast curves it keeps your car from wanting to go straight ahead now! It keeps the air from going under the car and forces it to the sides. The front spoiler is available in silver to match the tridion, carbon look and mat black, so you can paint your own to match the panels. Skrews and a S-mann sticker are included.


Be aware of illegal copies on the market being offered as s-mann products. The quality of these copies is very poor and they might damage your cars paint work! Fiberglass copies have pinholes in and are hard to paint proper. Buying, selling and trading of these parts is illegal and forbidden by law!