Exhaust “S-Flow” Centre Twin N450-10-00/ST

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Want to add more power and sound to your smart car? This listing is for a Stainless Steel Exhaust.

S-flow system designed by S-Mann and hand built in Netherlands. The system has maximum pipe diameters and a 150 cels/square inch catalic converter to create the maximum flow. Depending on what engine and software you have in your smart car it will get you 10 to 20 hp extra and the engine will pick up and respond a lot faster. The exhaust has an adjustable and removable stainless Steel “Center Twin” end pipe. The exhausts sound is “deep” but not to loud, perfect for road use and long distances. Designed to fit the smart 450 , 600/700 cc (not for 800 cc CDI). This exhaust also fits on the smart for two with a 700 cc with 60kw/82pk and a Roadster Turbo.

We used to sell all kinds of exhaust brands for smart cars for the last 15 years and found out all off them cracked and failed after a while. therefore we developed this exhaust and after 2 years of testing the s-flow system came on the market. the system has a flexible and rubber mount that keeps the vibrations down. We know it is the best smart car exhaust on the market!

Please note, that it has no approval and check if you need to have it in the country you live in. The exhaust system will pass every emission test!

S-mann is not liable for any personal injuries or material damages caused by or created through the improper use or installation of this product.