Intercooler Large N450-15-00/L

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€ 635,25 inc. Taxes

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Want to add more power but less temperature to your smart car?

The “intercooler Large” will cool down the intake air twice as much than the original. It not just improves the performance of your smart car by 8 to 10 HP , it also cools the engine temperature down about 10 degrees Celsius !  the system designed by S-Mann and hand built in the Netherlands. It has the same pipe diameters to fit your cars intake hoses or to mount the silicon hose set available at this web shop . The cooler block is twice as thick as the original one , has the highest cooling capacity and best airflow available on the market! The cooler is designed to fit on the standard intercooler support (that needs a small cut to create more space) it fits all smarts 450 , 600/700 cc (not for 800 cc CDI).


S-mann is not liable for any personal injuries or material damages caused by or created through the improper use or installation of this product.


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